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Alan, Ron & Kit






Epping Bowls Club celebrated its first event of the season on Saturday 15th July. The Open singles competition bought together 24 players taking the green in groups of 3 each playing 10 ends against each person in their group. Some matches went to the last bowl as the weather provided all four seasons in one day.

In the all-male quarter-finals

Graham Ballinger beat Andrew Preston 7-6;

Alan Woolf beat David Baxter 11-5;

Kit Birdsey beat Tony Rowland 9-6


Matt Jones beat Chris Vokes 10-1.


The semi-finals put Graham Ballinger and Kit Birdsey together with Kit winning 9-5 and Alan Woolf beating Matt Jones 9-7 on the last bowl. Kit Birdsey found himself in his first final this season against Alan Woolf who won 8-4, who won the trophy three years ago.


Alan Woolf said, “It was a tough competition, and I am very glad to have won it again.” Competition Secretary Daniel Wackett said “This was another enjoyable day and again a very close competition. It’s a real team effort and I am very grateful for all the help.”


Men’s Captain Ron Perryman presented the trophy to Alan and said, “Play today has been to an exceptional standard, played in good spirits and everyone enjoyed the day. Epping Bowls Club is enjoying another good season with many new members coming along and honing their skills. We are keen to hear from anyone interested in interested in trying our sport.” For further information visit


Press information from Christine Baker 07768 120249

















           Alan Woolf            Ron Perryman                     Kit Birdsey

What A Night!

What A Night!

Friday 22 September, Epping Bowls Club end-of-season extravaganza.

Some said it couldn’t be done, some said it wouldn’t be done, and some even said it shouldn’t be done, but in the end, Sixty club members and guests saw the humble clubhouse turned into a cross between the intimacy of Ronnie Scott's and the splendour of a Las Vegas nightclub.

The atmosphere of expectancy was electric, everyone wondered what was about to happen, would it work? Could they pull it off? Well, in the final analysis, after all said an done, the dust had settled and in the cold light of day, opinions ranged between, “It was a fine night's entertainment” and “WOW! Let's do it all again, and soon!”

The entertainment for the evening was a Neil Diamond tribute act performed by Mr. Kenny Payne.  07966 391130

The ticket for this one-off event read “Dress to Impress” with many taking it to heart and turning out in all their finery. All the ladies looked fantastic with many of the men in dinner suits and Dicky Bows.

Mr. Payne began the evening with a set of Neil Diamond classics including, Cracklin' Rosie, America, Forever In Blue Jeans, I Am I Said, and of course, Sweet Caroline, amongst others.

Then, after a short interlude, numbers from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s, culminating with a rip-roaring rendition of, New York, New York, had everyone, (baring 1 or 2) up, dancing and singing along as if their very lives depended on it.

All in all, it was a very successful evening with all the attendees looking forward to, and wondering what, the girls, Julie and Anne, have planned for the next event and just how are they going to top that!

Watch this space!!!

Some of the comments,

"The best evening the EBC has ever hosted".

"Everyone had a great evening".

"Kenny was a fantastic tribute to Neil Diamond,

"Can we do that again before Christmas"

Thursday 20th July

Another successful evening event was held at Epping Bowls Club when STACE made their second visit in as many months.

There was once again a great turnout with 22 STACE employees enjoying the club's hospitality with pizzas, pork rolls, and drinks from the bar.

As some of the STACE staff members were returning visitors, there was a fair bit of healthy competition between the players. Our members were impressed with the level of skill shown.

The “Spider” event at the close of play was enjoyed by all involved

Glenn Edwards, Associate Quantity Surveyor at STACE, even brought along a drone, (please see pics).

Some of our older members thought we were being invaded by extraterrestrials!


As our lady captain, (Margaret Hopkinson) said, “Such nice people to host at the club we look forward to seeing them again.”

All involved had a fantastically enjoyable evening. STACE are welcome back anytime.

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