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About Loof Hi. Everyone calls me Loof. It’s short for Luther, which is my surname. I am, or rather was, a printer by trade; trained as a Lithographic Plate Maker in the 70’s. I attended the London College of Printing at the Elephant & castle. Growing bored with making plates I moved over to planning, finding it to be far more interesting and challenging. Not only constructing pages to a clients brief, but also designing pages for customers from scratch using the elements they provided. With the advent of much less expensive, and more widely available, desktop and home computers in the late 80’s, came desktop publishing, which I eagerly embraced, learning QuarkXPress on Apple Mac’s. As IBM machines with the windows OS, rapidly outpaced Mac’s as the PC of choice, and MS Office became widely available I retrained to use the MS office suite, Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Front Page, Publisher Etc. Foreseeing the inevitable demise of the printing industry due to new technology I thought it prudent to seek a new career path, and, after a short stint as a telephone installation engineer, ended up as Senior Database Administrator for an Adult mail order company, looking after their customer database of some 650,000 records. This led on to further training in the construction and use of spreadsheets, databases, and eventually Adobes Photoshop and Dreamweaver programs. I am by no means a designer. I’m a nuts & bolts man. You tell me what you want, and I’ll figure out a way to make it happen! I you have an idea but either not the time or the know how to do anything about it, why not give me a shout? If I can help, I will. Email me Regards Loof

Epping, Essex, Lawn, Green, Bowls, Club.

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